Sunday, December 27, 2009

Back home

We are back home after a long day in the car complete with a stop in Richmond on the way down! The traffic was existent but not too terrible. I haven't lived away from it for too long that I can't remember how bad it can be, so we were able to appreciate the relatively light traffic (for northern VA) after a holiday weekend.

By the time we got back, all the snow was melted off our front yard, but there was a huge mound waiting for us on the stoop, blocking the entrance to our front door :) We've had enough shoveling for December already, plus we don't have a snow shovel down here, so Chris pulled out the broom and cleared it off enough to get inside.

Now we're turning the heat back up, unpacking, getting the house back to normal, and who knows...maybe we'll throw a trip to the grocery store somewhere in there! The best thing we've done since getting back home is catch up on the mail! Thanks for your Christmas cards! They were mixed in with other non-fun stuff like bills and credit card statements, but no worries - we pushed them to the side and got down to the important stuff!


Liz said...

i'm glad you made it home safely and can't wait to see you in less than a week!

Dorothy said...

Welcome home!!