Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve/day pictures

So I'm finally going to post a couple pictures from Christmas! I actually didn't pull my camera out at all, so my only pictures are ones from my mom! I did take this one of the living room on Christmas Eve:
We have taken up the tradition of having pizza for Christmas Eve dinner because it's a tradition on the Cali side of the family. Since we don't travel out there for the holidays, we bring a little bit of their holidays to us!
We continued all our Christmas Eve traditions for another year including the annual reading of "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and the family pyramid.
Christmas morning was great. We got up early, opened stockings, had breakfast and opened gifts and enjoyed spending some time together.

Then we packed up and hit the road to get to Chris' house for the rest of Christmas day and then some.
Merry Christmas to everyone and hope you're enjoying the holidays!


Dorothy said...

Oh - it was so nice! Love that you hung an ornament in your car for your travels on Christmas day!

LA-jan said...

The Pizza! I want pictures! I love that the tradition spreads!

Rob said...

Our Christmas pictures are going up tomorrow

jennie said...

the family pyramid tradition is awesome!