Sunday, December 20, 2009


After bundling up, we trudged through the snow (literally, trudged!) to find a hill in the neighborhood to sled on.

Since the snow was so deep, we had to spend a lot of time creating a packed-down path for the sled to go down. At first, we just sank right in. And walking back up the hill was so tiring in knee-deep snow that we alllmost gave up.

It was totally worth it though when we got the snow packed-down enough. We went down the hill train-style a couple of times.

I was surprised how warm we all stayed in the snow. Except when you wiped out or got tackled by a sibling, of course.

All in all it was pretty successful sledding. It was especially enjoyable because we don't often get enough snow to go out and do this!


Dorothy said...

So fun! These are great pictures. Glad you got the snow packed down!

jennie said...

looks fun! i'm impressed you went sledding in that deep of snow. i'm sure it was tough at first!!

Maggie said...

that looks awesome... and exhausting! i stayed in and stayed warm!