Saturday, December 19, 2009

What else would I write about but all this snow??

So it seems that everyone got a ton of snow this weekend! We ended up leaving work early on Friday to head up to northern VA and it's a good thing we did. Less than 24 hours later we're here with over 20 inches! We wanted to beat the storm up here and it's a really good thing we didn't wait until today to leave! We probably wouldn't have made it up.

When Chris and I were hurriedly packing at home on Friday afternoon, we decided we might as well bring a third "snow" bag. You know, just in case... We put a pair of snow pants, gloves, hats, Chris' winter jacket in it just in case we ended up needing them. You see, we were still a little skeptical that we would get this much snow!

We went out around noon today when there were only about 17 inches down to start shoveling and rescue the car before the snow plow came by so that hopefully we'll be able to drive to see my family later in the week.

Chris worked with his dad to do most of the hard labor shoveling the sidewalk/driveway and a path for the car on the street to make it to the driveway.

And I tried my best to be helpful by digging with a sled, but then I gave up and went into the yard to un-bury the flood lights.

Afterwards we rewarded ourselves by going sledding - I'll try to post pictures of that soon! We haven't gotten snow like this since the Blizzard of '96 and I don't even remember the last time we had a white Christmas at home in VA.

Hope everyone made it to their destinations safely if you are traveling this weekend!


LA-jan said...

Now that is an impressive snowstorm!! As much as I am enjoying our 78 degree weather, I sure enjoy these pictures of beautiful snowy scenes! Here's to your white Christmas!

LA-jan said...

Hey, get a picture of your backyard tree! You need to change that to winter tree!

jennie said...

this snow is craaaaazy! i did not believe we'd get this much at all! today i'll be digging out my car as well.

Dorothy said...

Gorgeous snowfall! You guys got your exercise this day!

Maggie said...

i refused to accept that we were going to get snow... therefore had to 'shovel' myself out with my trashcan. Oh the lessons learned...