Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Family Solidarity

This relates to the previous post and our ridiculous heating situation. Last night, my dad sent me a text message to show his support up in Leesburg. Here's how the exchange went:

Dad: "Ive decided to show team unity. If ur at 58 degrees, Im taking it deep to 57 degrees. All ahead full!"
Me: "Since the oil ran out we are now down to 53. You need to take it down by at least five more degrees to compete!"
Dad: "Just cleared with the ADMIRAL. 52 degrees it is. Dive! Dive! Dive!"

[Note: Here we went to sleep.]

When I woke up this morning, I had an extremely hard time getting out of bed. Honestly, I felt like I was camping in the mountains somewhere in the middle of winter and that our house was just a little vinyl tent with no form of insulation whatsoever. This morning I sent a new text to see how the night went.

Me: "Heat check: we hit 46 degrees this morning. Brrrrrr!"
Dad: "Whoa. Ur sub must be cruisin' under the polar ice cap!"
Me: "It is! We just ordered another two hundred gallons today. [Here I inserted the price of the 200 gallons, which I will not mention now because costs went up significantly and it's just not funny yet.]."
Dad: "Put a 24 hour guard on it!"

Needless to say, once the oil comes and we reset our furnace, we will probably keep the heat set much lower than last month and just use space heaters to make up the difference. Now everyone just start praying for warmer weather so we will survive this winter!


Maggie said...

Oh my goodness Katie! I hope that oil arrives stat! Love that your family is freezing with you... I'm not sure if I would be that brave...

jennie said...

yeah seriously that's just not funny! please don't freeze!

Patty said...

Your mom and dad are so much better than I! I will sympathize, but not empathize with you. I hope the landlord gets that insulation in soon!

LA-jan said...

Whoa! Reminds me of Misery (the farm's nickname), we kept warm with the woodstove. Fire went out and a glass of water left out froze. So glad that's just a memory now!