Monday, January 11, 2010

January Basketball update

Well the season is just about half way over right now. The team is currently 6-7, but they're doing all right considering their conference and schedule. They're now into almost strictly conference play for the rest of the season. In their conference is not only the number 1 D3 team in the country, but also the numbers 6, 12, and 24. Basically they are in an excellent but difficult conference.

The team is hitting the road for the next three games (Wednesday, Saturday, Wednesday), but I'm going to travel to the Saturday game so I can hang out with my sister because it's near Harrisonburg!

As far as adjusting to the season goes - the hardest thing to figure out is dinner! We either eat between 8 and 10 PM at night after Chris gets back from practice/the office, or on game days eat separately because he stays on campus until after the game. For example, the following was our dinner schedule last week:

Sunday: I made dinner at home for both of us! We ate at a pretty regular hour.
Monday: Dinner at the College Church for the basketball team, coaches, their girlfriends, and wives (me!).
Tuesday: Dinner and a movie out with the team.
Wednesday: Game day! Chris ate pre-game meal with the team and picked up some leftovers for me.
Thursday: We were invited to a friend's house for dinner and to watch the BCS game.
Friday: Recruiting in Richmond, grabbed food on the way to the game.
Saturday: Game day! Game was in the afternoon and since they won after a dry spell, we all went out together to celebrate afterward!

To be fair - this is not typical. Because the dining halls were still closed last week due to classes not being in session, there were a lot more team events than is normal for during the semester. Anyway, good luck to the team as they play a string of away games and don't forget, if you want to come to a game, here's their schedule!


Dorothy said...

Good luck to the team on the second half of the season!

jennie said...

where is that tigers symbol at HSC?

Patty said...

Looking forward to the 23rd!

Katie said...

Jennie - it's on the basketball court to the southeast of center court