Monday, February 15, 2010


I spent the weekend in Chicago with friends! We went there with a purpose and got a lot of things accomplished. It was a blast to get out of our small town and enjoy some big city sights for a change!

One night we decided to walk around downtown despite the cold weather - because let's be honest, us Virginians are getting used to the cold this winter! I'm not a big history person, but I'll do by best to remember what some of these buildings are called and perhaps someone can correct me in the comments if I'm wrong :)

This is one of the oldest buildings in Chicago that survived the fire of 1871.

This building is the old water tower which is located across the street from the building above. These two both survived the fire.

The Wrigley Building.

The Chicago Tribune. The interesting thing about this building was that it had pieces of other buildings and historical landmarks built into its walls. For example, we saw pieces of the Berlin Wall, the Great Pyramids in Egypt, St. Peter's Basilica, etc.
This is the piece from the dome of St. Peter's Cathedral.

After walking around the city and getting pretty chilly, we decided to head inside and get some traditional deep dish Chicago-style pizza.
It was absolutely delicious. Overall the weekend was a fantastic change of pace, very productive, and enjoyable! 


jennie said...

yay chicago! you got some good pictures katie!

Rob said...

I'm going to need some more info on that pizza, and pizza joint.

Patty said...

That pizza looks amazing! So glad you had a great weekend!

maggie said...

it was the chicago fire of 1871... that is my bad :) great pictures!!!

Dorothy said...

Great pictures - city sites and pizza!