Friday, February 12, 2010

Out of town

Last weekend I went home to the chaos of the northern VA snow and left Chris behind to deal with our smaller version of the storm on the home front. I'm not going to lie - I wasn't that excited to get back and deal with the after-storm super market rush to buy groceries, or deal with our piles of laundry and cleaning, plus have to get ready for a Super Bowl party. I had a harrowing drive back that took much longer than it does typically, I needed a shower desperately, and I just wanted to unwind from the stress of driving, and take a nap from the physical stress of helping shovel multiple feet of snow.

When I got home, Chris had already gone grocery shopping...twice!

He had already tried to get all the laundry done (to no avail - as you saw what happened to our basement due to this storm. Update here: the water has been pumped out now. It took 2-3 days. The washing machine works, but the dryer is busted. We did laundry this week and have clothes hanging up to dry/freeze all over the house!)

...AND Chris was cooking! For the Super Bowl! He had borrowed/found a couple recipes and was busy at work making potato skins and homemade wings. Can you believe it??
I didn't have to do a thing when I got home!

Today I'm leaving and Chris will again be home alone this weekend - who knows...maybe I'll come home to our taxes being completed and a 5-course dinner! That might be a bit of a stretch though... :)


jennie said...

wow nice work chris! those potato skins look awesome!

Patty said...

Potato skins look great - how did they taste??! Well done, Chris! Hope all you girls have a great w/e!

Dorothy said...

What a treat! Those look fantastic Chris!

Stina said...

what a good husband! well done, Chris!