Sunday, February 21, 2010

Getting ready for a new season

Today for the first time in a very long time the weather got up past 50 degrees. I believe our high was about 59. We took advantage of the weather to open up all the windows in our house and air the place out, and then we started cleaning.

We are getting ready to start a new season in our lives next week - that is, the post-basketball season. This weekend (Feb. 25th - 28th) is the conference tournament, and after that (unless of course we win the conference!), the season is over.

This Sunday seemed like the perfect opportunity to get busy doing a lot of little things that got overlooked during the last few months due to crazy schedules. We know we're a little early for spring cleaning, but we decided this weekend was best for multiple reasons. One reason is simply that we want a fresh start after the season ends, and the best reason is that on Thursday, we're having company! My grandparents are hitting up the east coast to check out our new place, along with my brother's, my sister's, and also many other family members and friends.

So we've been attached at the hip to the vacuum and a screwdriver, picking up dust and fixing broken odds and ends. We also took a walk this afternoon to enjoy the weather. While I still have a lot further to go in my cleaning before the week is out, it feels good already!


The McPhersons said...

shoot, we went on a walk this afternoon too...we should have walked together:) I hope you got everything done you had planned on!! See you Friday (if not sooner)!

LA-jan said...

It does feel good! I've been cleaning out my office, even painted it, and getting rid of all that paper that accumulated. So nice to hear that you guys are thawed out.

jennie said...

yes it was beautiful today! i'm glad the temp outside finally got warmer than the temp inside your house!

Dorothy said...

I has been wonderful to see and FEEL the sun. Cleaning is not a lot of fun but it is so nice to enjoy the results!

maggie said...

ah i love opening the windows and airing out the house!! Have an awesome visit w your grandparents :)