Friday, February 5, 2010

Visiting the family

I left early from work today to visit my family in northern VA. It was already snowing by the time I left, so the roads were wet. Thankfully I was basically driving right in front of the storm so I made it before the weather got too bad.
It's coming down pretty hard right now! My brother Eric and I have been trading off turns shoveling the driveway, but after it got dark, it looked like we hadn't done it yet at all. 
Now I'm just praying I'll be able to get home before the Superbowl on Sunday. Think I'll make it?


Patty said...

So glad you are safe! Did lauren make it, too? Enjoy your family time.

LA-jan said...

Heard it'g gonna be a blizzard! Snowed in with family, nice!

The McPhersons said...

I hope you make it home!!! I also hope the guys make it back safely! Be safe when you do venture out:)