Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Wednesday nights

I think I've mentioned before how thankful I am for basketball getting me out of the house a few times a week in the coldest months of the year. Well, when they're on the road and I decide not to go to the games, this is what my Wednesday nights look like:

From 7 - 9 PM, I am generally tied up on the computer following my teams. And H-S is on the road straight until February 20th, so I figured I would let you all glimpse my regular schedule while Chris is away :)

For a closer view, on the left we have the live video feed of the H-SC game at #1 ranked Guilford. Thankfully these feeds are generally free and occasionally I catch a glimpse or two of Chris on the bench or in the huddle.

And on the right-hand side we have live stats for W&M. I don't normally get the live feed for the W&M games because you've got to pay some $$ and register for those!


Stina said...

I miss those Tribe games!

jennie said...

you look so technologically savvy!

Patty said...

Ha ha! That's exactly what my computer looks like on Wednesday nights! Love it!

Paul said...

How do I get the live feed of HSC games?

Granted it is Farmville but, for my sanity, you should not post when Chris will be gone. Since your blog is open I would not want some freak finding out info. Not trying to be gloomy or anything (I know, not working), but their are weirdos out there. The father in me is making me post this.

Liz said...

wow that live feed is impressive! hope you are staying warm!

Katie said...

Paul - if it's a home game you can find the link on the athletics website if you go to their schedule:

If it's an away game, the link is generally on the other team's website.

AND thank you for your concern! I will keep that in mind, and thankfully I'm planning to go to most of the next games until they're back home.