Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Maymont (exploring Richmond, part I)

Because we live so close to Richmond, Chris and I decided to start exploring it a little bit. Last weekend we got in the car and were going to head to Carytown in Richmond because we heard from a friend that there was a $2 theater and some cute shops to check out. It turned out to be a really nice day though and we didn't want to waste it inside shopping or at the movies so after a short walk we decided instead to hop back in the car and see where the GPS recommended we go. I think we'll save Carytown for a rainy day.

The first place we found was Maymont. From what we saw, it seems like it used to be an old estate with a lot of trails to wander, a couple lakes, and lots of animals. Since we already decided we weren't going to spend money that day, we just wandered around and didn't go into the mansion or nature center. If you've been, you'll have to let me know how they are!

This lake was stocked with trout. There were signs saying you needed a fishing license (which I don't have), but we saw a guy catch a fish while we were there!

I got really excited when I saw this sign because I thought I'd get to see some turtles. No dice.

It was a fun place to walk around for a bit and we didn't even begin to explore all the things it has to offer. In case you're interested - I saw signs for raptor valley (!), an aviary, a waterfall, and tons of gardens. If you visit this place, please let me know if you see any of those things!

After an hour or so we hopped back into the car and let the GPS pick our next destination...which I'll try to tell you about by tomorrow once I finish uploading the pictures!

**Quick note:  March Madness is coming up. This weekend is Selection Sunday! Chris is going to be doing a pool again, so look for links to some brackets you can print out near the end of the weekend. We hope you all play again this year! Here is a link to the winners from last year's pool.**


maggie said...

i LOVE Maymont! Dave and I went there to toss a frisbee around. There is a sweet aviary with a bunch of owls and a BEAUTIFUL waterfall and garden... we saw a couple get engaged when we were there :)

Katie said...

Okay - I will definitely have to go back then! Thanks for the info Maggie! Maybe we can go together next time we're both in Richmond!

Liz said...

looks beautiful!! i'm glad you had some time to explore :)

gretchen said...

wait .. I was in richmond this past weekend ..! are you still there? maymont is a pretty cool place, from what i've experienced. i think our trip was similar to yours, except we did do the tour of the estate. it was later in the day so we just walked around the grounds/trails before and after.


the byrd theatre is awesome. you must go sometime.

jennie said...

raptor valley? that place sounds awesome. i want to go to there.

Patty said...

Beautiful pictures and a beautiful spring day! So glad you enjoyed.

Lauren said...

I LOOOOOVE maymont!!! You should have stayed longer! Brian took me the last time I went to visit him and we walked around almost the whole thing. There are mazes and secret trails that go through bamboo forests and different animals... it's one of my favorite places; you should definitely go back when you have more time!

Dorothy said...

The pictures look beautiful! Looks like a great place to visit again.

Stina said...

that looks so pretty! hooray for nice weather again!...and for march madness!!