Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Remember this?

Well I finally finished it!

This puzzle was an I-spy puzzle my friends gave me last summer.  I took a little break from it for awhile but last weekend, knocked it out!  It wasn't hard to do as we were watching basketball on tv for hours this weekend.  I just sat down on the floor and puzzled while watching.

It was definitely one of the most difficult puzzles I've ever done because there was no over-arching theme to it except what looked like piles of random stuff in a drawer.  I also did the puzzle by myself!  I realize now that if I want Chris to help in any future puzzling escapades, I most definitely should not start it on the floor.  He sat down with me one night to help out and after 10 minutes his back was hurting too much from leaning over to continue.  I'll remember this next time because doing a puzzle is more fun with others.

So... that brings me to two things:
1.  Who wants the puzzle??  I've already done it, so if you like puzzles, you are welcome to it.  Just let me know and it's yours.
2.  What should I do next?  Any activities you enjoy or little do-it-yourself projects that were fun?


LA-jan said...

That is a very ambitious puzzle! I'm currently trying to get all my miscellaneous recipes that are stuffed in cookbooks organized and copied down. Time consuming and I haven't even started my taxes!

jennie said...

well done! i wish i could take it but am afraid that "the dog that lives at my house" might eat about half of those pieces. maybe i'll be able to do it somewhere down the line

Patty said...

Maybe we could take it to the beach.

Liz said...

well-done! i love the I-spy books, but that puzzle would drive me nuts. i don't have any good project ideas, but i did play scrabble recently and thought it was much more fun than i remembered.

Stina said...

I love puzzles too! My mom and I completed a very nice scene of the NYC skyline over snowcation. You could always tackle another cross-stitch! :)

maggie said...

I love puzzles too... last time I did one was at the beach! This is quite the ambitious one, not sure if I have the patience :) well done!