Sunday, March 21, 2010

March Madness Pool - Sweet 16 Update

It's probably safe to say that this is the craziest March Madness in recent memory and possibly ever.  I can't remember a first weekend with more big upsets, crazy finishes, and overtime games than this one.  With so many upsets and such unpredictability, the number of correct picks all the way across the board this year have been much lower than usual.  Of the 20 people in our pool, only 9 people's pick to win it all is still playing, courtesy of Northern Iowa and St. Mary's.  Perhaps more amazing is the fact that only one participant still has all four of their final four teams alive - nice work Jennie.  Without further buildup, here are the standings after the first 2 rounds of March Madness 2010.

1. Paula D. - 44
2. Eric H. - 43
3. Ashleigh S. - 42
3. Rob S. - 42
5. Erika S. - 41
6. Bob S. - 40
7. Stina C. - 39
7. Katie S. - 39
7. Chris S. - 39
10. Alex H. - 38
11. Cassidy J. - 37
12. Lauren H. - 36
12. Ashley K. - 36
12. Patty S. - 36
12. Jennie T. - 36
16. John & Dorothy H. - 35
17. Paul D. - 34
17. Jessica S. - 34
19. Ryan J. - 32
20. Jon G. - 31

Normally, there would be a lot more separation throughout the standings, but because there have been so many unpredictable results everybody is still packed pretty closely together.  So be sure to watch the next 2 rounds starting on Thursday evening, and next Sunday around this time I'll have the updated standings heading into the Final Four.  Good luck!


maggie said...

I'm so sorry, i forgot to send mine in! Good luck everyone! haha, sounds like i probably wouldn't have done that great anyways...

Rob said...

Current score: 42

Predicted Final Score:.........42

Aunt Paula said...

Yes!! That's me, that's me at the top!! But I shall enjoy it only while it lasts ... because I am already doomed once the next round starts. Fun stuff, Chris!

Jon G. said...

i smell a comebaaaaack

Erika said...

3 stratton's in the top 5. i like it. it has nothing to do with the fact that we make up 50% of the pool or anything.

murray state! murray state!

jennie said...

let's go syracuse!

Patty said...

The only thing I care about at this point is not letting Paula beat me!!

Patty said...

I also would like to know who Jennie's Final 4 are!!

Dorothy said...

Eric - thanks for keeping the Hall name in the game! Those Stratton's are killing us!

Jon G. said...