Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sunday Get-together

My mom called last weekend and wanted to see if Lauren and I would like to get together somewhere in between where we all live to hang out for the day.  We decided on Charlottesville - a semi-central location and hit the road.  The day was pretty overcast and drizzly but we enjoyed spending time together.

We started out at the downtown mall so we could walk around.  Thankfully it wasn't terribly cold, just a little wet.  Despite the cold, we went to a little gelato shop called Splendora's that Jennie introduced me to.  They have the most delicious frozen treats I have ever had.

We shared since it was so wet and cool outside.  We got raspberry (my favorite there so far) and stracciatella.  Definitely a good combination.

It didn't last long.

We also decided to get indoors for a bit and headed up the mountain to one of Charlottesville's many vineyards.
This is the first time we've gone to one since Lauren turned 21 so we did our first wine tasting together.  There were beautiful views from up there - unfortunatly the weather didn't let us enjoy them to the fullest.  I definitely recommend the place though, and hopefully will go back on a nicer day!


jennie said...

oooh I haven't been to Jefferson Vineyards but it's on my list! glad to know it's worth going!

Dorothy said...

Loved the geleto and the wine but the pizza place had the best looking displays of pizza ever - I enjoyed the day with you! Thanks for braving the cold!