Thursday, April 15, 2010

Big week in town

This past week has been a big week for the two colleges in our town.  There have been tons of events that make me wish I wasn't working all day long and could hang out all day like college students.  Now that spring has sprung, the colleges are celebrating with week long festivities.  I remember the days when all I had to do was sit through three hours of class and then hang out in the sunshine...

There have been concerts of all genres at both schools:

Ridiculous events like homemade chariot races (and yes, one is a lazy boy with boards attached):

And mud volleyball:

As much as I miss being involved in all that stuff, I'm really glad we get to participate in some of this stuff.  I still have to work all day long, but at least afterwards there's something to do.  There are about 2 or 3 weeks left in the semester - it'll be interesting to see what this town looks like when both colleges empty out of here!


jennie said...

sounds good! have any good bands come through?

Patty said...

wow - all that looks like such fun. I especially love the chariot races!

Dorothy said...

It does look like so much fun - for the participants and the spectators! Glad you get to enjoy some of it!