Monday, April 19, 2010

Basketball Alumni weekend

This weekend we left the farm lands behind again...
(and yes, if you've been to visit us you know that where we live is a little more metropolitan than this picture suggests, but any direction you drive out of town looks like this for awhile before you hit another city)

...and headed to our home away from home, Williamsburg.  Last weekend was basketball alumni weekend for W&M and we went to participate in the activities and celebrate what an exceptional season this has been for the Tribe.

We woke up earlier than the crack of dawn (yes, literally) to hit the road so we could get there early enough for Chris to play in the alumni game.
Chris played fantastically, probably because he still works in athletics so has kept somewhat in basketball-shape, and because unlike many of the other alums, he hadn't been out late starting the celebration off the night before :)

The turnout for the weekend was really wonderful - again probably due to the fantastic season the team had this year.  They all played golf while I got to do one of my favorite things in Williamsburg: eat Sno-to-Go for lunch!

We headed over to the hotel to get ready for the banquet Saturday evening.  The banquet was at Kingsmill for the first time - a gorgeous club that overlooks the James River.
All the seniors got the opportunity to speak about what their time on the team has meant to them, and I'm sure you can guess that tears were flowing abundantly around the room! Plus, the guys all got NIT watches for making the tournament this year.

It was the best end I could imagine to a really great season.  The banquet went on much, much longer than anyone expected because I think no one really wanted it to end.  I can't say enough positive things about this group of guys.  My heart has been tied to them forever and I look forward to many more weekends like this in years to come.


Dorothy said...

Oh, sounds like a wonderful weekend! What a great team - glad you were able to go!

jennie said...

sounds awesome! ya'll look so great dressed up- kt i love your dress!!

ashley said...

what a great weekend - always fun to spend some quality time in the 'burg :)

Patty said...

When I see those guys, my heart just melts. What an amazing group of men! Katie, I love your dress, too. Beautiful setting this year.

Liz said...

hooray for williamsburg and sno-to-go!

Stina said...

so jealous you got sno-to-go!! glad you all had fun in the burg!