Friday, April 23, 2010

Love the weekend!

I have no plans this weekend.  And I am thrilled about it!  I have had a long week at work.  We've had several meetings for groups of students preparing to study overseas this summer or next semester and they take a lot of planning.  Not to mention the last day of classes is next Tuesday so things are just hectic around the hallways anyway. Plus, I have been working on a project for the last couple weeks that I didn't realize would be so time consuming!

A professor asked me if I would help edit a book he's publishing this summer and I agreed because I thought it would be fun.  I love books, I love reading, and I always thought it would be cool to be an editor or work for a publishing company when I was younger.  For example, in the last book I read, Pillars of the Earth (which was great, by the way), I found two errors!  Anyway, I decided to go for it for that reason and also because I have a hard time saying no when people ask me for a favor.

Well.  Editing an academic text is definitely not the same thing as editing a work of fiction.  It took so much longer than I was anticipating and don't even get me started on the index - it was painstaking.  Needless to say, after a meeting to go over corrections that was scheduled for one hour lasted two hours and fifteen minutes, my throat was sore, my mouth was parched, and I was ready to go home for the weekend.

And now I'm ready to do nothing but relax for two glorious days!


Liz said...

congratulations on getting through the editing! enjoy your weekend :)

jennie said...

yes it is awesome to just do nothing! have a relaxing weekend!

Dorothy said...

Enjoy your quite weekend!