Thursday, April 22, 2010


We're making history here, guys.

We have to hold the record for slowest restoration of a front yard ever.

But today, we made progress :)
Our sidewalk has been restored!  People will no longer have to cross the street or walk in the road in front of our house because they can't get through.  I've felt bad for all the mothers with strollers taking walks around our neighborhood over the last three months, but by tomorrow hopefully these weird lean-to's made out of things the construction workers found in our yard, along with the slab of old sidewalk will be cleared and people will be able to walk by unimpeded!

There's still a ways to go though and we've not been told a timeline.  To be honest, I am so thankful we got a picture of the house before the pipe burst because I'm not sure it will get fixed while we're still living here.  Unless we move and he has to re-rent the house, our landlord will not be in a rush to complete this project!

What I want finished (even more than the sidewalk!):
Our front path.  The whole thing is broken and cracked from when the construction vehicles were here, but the part closest to the door is definitely the worst of it.  I try to jump from stone to stone, especially when it's rainy because it gets so muddy.

Lastly, I would love for them to flatten out the yard again.  At least we don't have a pet running around in this and tracking it back into the house.
One step at a time though, and I'm definitely thankful for the sidewalk!


kayla said...

haha whooo, celebrate those baby steps! :) cheers to progress!

jennie said...

oh man what a headache! but hooray for the sidewalk!

Paul said...

Write the guy a letter stating all the mud and rocks you drag into the house every day are ruining his floors. Fixing the floors in the long-run will cost him a lot more money. Put some pressure on him.

Katie said...

Good advice - but he won't care. He will sell this place to a sucker before he fixes the floors in this place!

Mr.T said...

wow thats pretty intense, the side walk is looking good

btw i see you linked a cozin named taylor on your blog list,
well umm who that Modern Bitch?
u knows i thought i was yo cozin taylor, maybe yous got twos!!

Katie said...

Yes, I have two cousins named Taylor, you and one other, both in Cali! I have just added you on my list - I didn't know you had your own site, but very cool!

Mr.T said...

oh ok makes a lot more sense thought you tried to link me but got someone else haha
yah just started it a couple weeks ago