Thursday, April 1, 2010

Work travel

This week I had to travel to a nearby city called Staunton in Virginia for work.  The car I was given was miniature.  I wasn't a fan of it because there were blind spots on the driver's side and it didn't accelerate as easily as my regular car, but it fit me a lot better than it fits others that typically borrow that car.  For instance, one of the basketball coaches likes the car a lot.  The shortest of the coaches is probably 6'4''.  There seemed to be plenty of legroom though, so who knows!

Anyway, I enjoyed exploring the town.  It was so cute!  The campus was up on a hill and overlooked the rest of the town.  All the roads around campus are fairly steep and lined by super cute old houses.  The streets are pretty narrow because there are cars parked on either side of them.  Since they're two-way streets, this means cars have to take turns.

See what I mean?

I really enjoyed seeing all the cute side streets and shops.  I didn't spend too much time off campus, but I definitely will try to if I get another opportunity.  It seemed like it had a lot to offer.

My favorite thing about the town was that they have a giant rusty watering can to welcome you as you enter. 
Definitely the biggest watering can I've ever seen!

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Dorothy said...

What town were you in?