Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Appomattox Court House

Today we took a drive to visit a friend in Appomattox after work.  I've never been to Appomattox and I really wanted to see the famous Court House where Robert E. Lee surrendered.  We heard that it burned down, but when we got there we found out that the park that it was a part of closed at 5pm and we couldn't go see it.  We still got to see some battlefield and a sweet cannon that may or may not have been used in the Civil War.

Then we had to settle for the "new" Appomattox Court House.

There was a memorial out front "for those who served our country-state in times of need."

And guess who we found??
Our ancestors, Robert and Thelbert!! (I'm probably joking - I have no idea if we're related to these people.) 

But there were more!
It was a quick trip but I'm glad I got the opportunity to see the town and soak up some history :)


Rick O'Shea said...

I think Thelbert was Harold's cousin on James' side of the family. Also, if you notice - Steve Letterman, who joined the Navy (USN) to see the world - I believe fathered David, who is, of course, a late night talk show host

Liz said...

nice find with the strattons! that cannon brings back good W&M memories :)

Dorothy said...

So funny Rick!! It looked like a beautiful day.

taylor said...

Since you didn't get to see the inside of the courthouse, you should definitely talk to mikey about it... i believe he was arraigned there. sort of. well, at least that's the story i like to tell. he at least had to go to trial there. ;)

maggie said...

love the historical adventure!! I would love to visit there someday! so cool you found your names :)