Thursday, May 6, 2010

When birds attack

I went to the library during my lunch break today.  I wanted to pick up a couple books and after I found them, I went out on their back porch to sit in a rocking chair and read for the rest of my break. 

It was pretty nice and relaxing for about five minutes until I started to hear birds chirping.  And they weren't chirping in the distance either, they sounded close.  I kept on reading...

After another minute passed the bird started dive bombing me!  I may be exaggerating a little bit because they never actually hit me, but they were swooping closer than was comfortable to my head.

And then I looked up.
It was a new parent!  This little bird built a nest and probably laid an egg up there or something.
It was just defending its territory.  By chirping really loudly and swooping at me.

And then I saw the other one.  These guys were seriously on the lookout.  One on each corner defending the nest.
I ended up moving to the other side of the porch to give them their space.


LA-jan said...

We had a couple seasons with birds like that nesting by the front door. They even fought the cat, dive bombed him for the longest time! They can be wickedly protective!

jennie said...

that would be frightening! i'm glad they didn't hit you!

Dorothy said...

We watched a two birds watching their nest every morning at breakfast. The male was in one tree and the female in the other. Recently the baby birds have been out taking a few flights to the deck. They are cute!

Liz said...

i have an unnatural fear of birds, so that would have freaked me out! hope you still got to enjoy your reading.