Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Race and Farmers Market

This past weekend was a great opportunity to get away from home for a little while.  In terms of work things have been crazy due to exams finishing up and students leaving campus for the summer.  We were ready for a break. (But then again, I'm always ready for a break...who isn't??)

On Saturday we got to tag along with my brother Eric and his friends for a 5K raising money for ovarian cancer. We walked almost the whole way, but it was nice and cool outside - perfect weather for a race.  Afterwards we headed over to the farmer's market.

This market is much better than the one we have in town, which is literally two booths.  I enjoyed seeing all there was to see and tasting various types of dips, spreads, salsa, breads, and popcorn!

They had almost everything you could think of, including my favorite: strawberries :)

We also picked up a baguette for dinner and I got a picture with a statue on a bench...
It was a productive and relaxing morning before we celebrated Mother's Day that evening!


kayla said...

We used to go to that market almost every Saturday morning - my parents still do! :) Haha and I love that you got a picture with Robert E. Simon. For those non-Restonians, he is the founder of Reston (his initials, RES, followed by 'town', were the origin of Reston's name) and he still lives there at Lake Anne where the market is held! :) We see him around quite a bit.

Dorothy said...

Glad you enjoyed the Farmers Market - I love that they had all the tasting dips and spreads. The fruit looks so good!

jennie said...

wait, the Reston founder is still alive? how old is he? cause he's already looking pretty up there in that statue.

also that farmer's market looks wonderful!!

Patty said...

Thanks, Kayla, for giving us the history of Reston - I never knew! That market looks awesome - esp the strawberries.

kayla said...

:) No problem! Jennie - hahah i know, right? Reston's only existed for 46 years - the statue is from it's 40th "birthday". Mr. Simon is 96 now, I think, but he's super spry - haha you can see him walking around the market most weekends! :P