Friday, June 11, 2010

Goodbye, office! Hello, summer!

As some of you out there in internet land know, Chris finished up his job for the year at the end of May.  He's been enjoying being a stay-at-home husband these past two weeks but lucky for him, I'm about to join him!  Today is my last day for the school year.  We are both on ten month contracts at work and that means we have something like a teacher's schedule.  This weekend Chris and I are about to embark on our version of "summer".  We are going to spend the next couple of weeks trying to ponder the mysteries of life by coming up with a firm plan for next year.  And by next year, I mean the next school year, because our lives currently run off the July - June year, not the January - December calendar one.

While we discover our true callings (yeah, right!), we are also going to try to enjoy ourselves a bit.  We're going to visit a bunch of family, hit up a couple weddings to book end our time off, and basically be somewhat on the road for a bit.  I'm really excited to have the time off, but also a little nervous to be bouncing around for the next six weeks!  I'm hoping to use this time to get some things done that I've really been meaning to do (like cut my hair!!), and above all, I hope to take advantage of this opportunity and not sit around and be lazy all summer.

The reason for this post is just to say that my writing might fall a bit by the wayside over the next couple of weeks.  I'm still going to try my very best to post about our adventures and non-adventures because it's important to me - I love having a record of our lives and having the ability to go back and see what we were doing this time last year.  That being said, I know whenever I visit family or am away from home, I'm not as consistent about putting pictures up.  Regardless, I'll be chronicling our time away from work, it just might be more in spurts than consistent posts at times...So here's to the summer!


LA-jan said...

Looking forward to your adventure out west!

jennie said...

hooray for summer and adventures!

Patty said...

sounds like an awesome summer to me!!

Dorothy said...

enjoy your travels!