Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lakes and Libraries

The other day Chris and I were checking out the new library in Farmville when we turned to our left and saw something we've never seen here in town before.  Those of you who live here and read this may laugh at us for not realizing this was here when we've lived here almost a year, but you can't see it from the road, so how was I supposed to know? There is a lake down the hill from the new library!

Yeah, yeah, I realize the name of the park next to the library is called Wilkes Lake park, and I also realize there's a boat loading dock right there - but I had no idea that meant that an actual lake accompanied the park on the other side!

Anyway, this was mainly just exciting to discover.  The lake isn't terribly special - we've been told it would be inadvisable to swim in, but I have seen people fishing there.

BUT, back to my original topic - the new library.  One of my favorite parts of public libraries (other than free book borrowing, of course) is that you can rent movies for free.  Granted, the movies available in the library here aren't quite as up to date as those in our old Arlington library, but they're still free!  So Chris and I have been watching a few old movies that came out long ago that we never got around to seeing.

Anyway, to get to the point, this week we rented Driving Miss Daisy with Morgan Freeman.  And it was awesome.  I highly recommend watching this movie; it's definitely worth a rental even if you have to pay for it - the entire movie is hilarious.  I won't ruin any of it for you, but I will say that my favorite part involves a can of salmon (!) and music that sounds like it's pulled straight out of a high suspense moment in the movie Psycho.  So go ahead, check it out and thank me later :)


jennie said...

even if that lake is gross it looks really pretty! and i've always wanted to see that movie- now i'll definitely have to check it out!

LA-jan said...

I love that movie, have seen it over and over! Picturesque lake indeed!