Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Haven

As I mentioned before, we are currently taking a trip to visit family and to take advantage of some of our time off.  This is the next day in that trip.  Soon as we left my brother's house, we stopped at a convenience store to grab some coffee.  I was fairly shocked when we were greeted there by a little slice of home: 

Then it was back on the road again!

We got a little turned around going from New Jersey to New York, but Chris recognized some landmarks and we figured it out without too much hassle.  We've been having a little trouble with our gps ever since Pennsylvania, so I was glad Chris had driven this way before and was able to get us back on the right track.  It seems to be working fine again now (a couple days later), so maybe it was just New Jersey and New York that was throwing it for a loop.

We took the Tappan Zee bridge into New York.

We've both to NYC before, so we decided not to stop, especially after all the traffic we ran into.  So that meant Connecticut!

We decided to stop in New Haven because that seemed as good a place as any.  We walked around Yale's campus, read a couple statues and signs to educate ourselves, and grabbed some food downtown.  The campus is so gorgeous!  Part of the reason I loved our school was because of its age, history, and traditions - and you can almost feel those things in the air here.

You can't see it very well in this picture, but above the arch it reads "For God, For Country, and For Yale" engraved on the stone.
I love seeing places I've never been before, so this stop was a lot of fun!


LA-jan said...

How impressive is that campus!!

Patty said...

I would LOVE to visit Yale! What beautiful pictures. Love your 'welcome to..." pictures!

Patty said...

PS That campus reminds me of Duke.

jennie said...

great pictures! that's a cool bridge!

Dorothy said...

Beautiful photos. What a great trip. Dad says "Go Cornell - beat Yale":)

Lauren said...

Greenwich CT is where we based our business plan last semester! Seems like a nice area! far as my research has suggested.. ha.