Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh little town of Bethlehem...

We drove up to Pennsylvania to visit my brother this week!

We tried to make it the whole way without stopping for gas, but we ended up in this little place called Kutztown when we had to fill up.  A storm was rolling in so we were quick about it :)

The town he lives in is pretty cool.  It's very hilly and seems like a mix of old industrial times, but also a suburb of New York.  He was able to show us where he works, which was fun to see, and we also got to wander around town a bit.

Afterward we headed to a Mexican restaurant and got delicious food and complementary sangria.  Apparently it was the first Sunday of the summer that they were open, so they were celebrating by giving sangria to anyone who wanted some.

After dinner we headed back to Eric's apartment.  Chris and I brought up some of our second homebrew to try and it turned out well!
It was great to just hang out and relax watching the World Cup and being able to finally see where my bro lives and works :)


Patty said...

Robert swam against Kutztown when he was at Albright. And we've driven by Lehigh before, such a pretty area! i bet there are lots of good eats in that area!

Dorothy said...

I am glad you got to see Eric on this leg of your trip. I nice of you to share your second homebrew - success again!

Rob said...

Yea, Kutztown....oops I mean Putztown was about 20 minutes down the road from Albright. They were Division 2 and hated us cause we spanked their butts every year! BOOYA!

I'm VERY jealous of your summer vacation. Maybe I should become a teacher.

LA-jan said...

I am so lovin' your posts. It's a little mini-vaca for me, too!!

maggie said...

Bethlehem is such a great little sleepy college town! So glad you go to finally visit. What a great start to you road trip!