Sunday, July 25, 2010

Butterflies and heat waves

We're having quite the heat wave out here on the east coast.  I like warm weather but even I'm pretty miserable outside right now in 108 degree heat.  And you know if I'm hot, then Chris is doubly hot.  We've been back in town since Friday afternoon doing a bit of apartment searching and are trying to establish a bit of normalcy and a schedule since Chris starts work this week.

While we were in church today we parked in the shade and left the windows to the car cracked hoping it would provide some sort of relief from this heat.  When we got back to the car we found a butterfly trapped inside!

I bet it was trying to escape the heat as well, but got trapped before it realized it had entered the equivalent of an oven.  It flew free once we opened the door and seemed to be all right.

Now we're just praying for thunderstorms to come in and break this spell.


Dorothy said...

Nice red spots. The heat is pretty amazing. Hope it cools soon.

jennie said...

yes it's an inferno out there! stay cool!

Patty said...

Poor butterfly...finally today, a break from the heat!

LA-jan said...

Boy, you poor souls jumped out of the frying pan of Shasta Lake heat only to land in another!
We have been unusually cool in the 70's here in the La area. Been spending some time also in San Clemente with almost no sunshine with the coastal marine layer with temps in the high 60's! Good for house painting though!!