Friday, July 23, 2010


Who can visit California without a quick trip to In-n-out?  Or in the case of Chris and Eric, two quick trips to In-n-out :)

We left for the airport a little bit earlier than we needed to so that we could be sure to make the stop.

It was definitely worth it - especially because we only seem to get out here once every three years.  It made our wait at the airport pass much quicker :)


Anonymous said...

I had my first In-N-Out burger this this trip. It was quite good...but I think I'd still choose Five Guys.

jennie said...

in-n-out is awesome. did you get it "animal style"? (with sauteed onions and peppers) my sister-in-law and i once drove about an hour out of our way while in CA for one of their delicious burgers

LA-jan said...

we stopped on the way up and back!! I love the protein style with grilled onions!! the best!

maggie said...

i never had one, but jennie's version w onions and peppers sounds amazing! :)