Monday, August 16, 2010

No room? Just stack us up

We're now proud dwellers in an apartment complex.  I'll post more details and pictures later, but just wanted to let everyone know that we found a place to live!  We found out this morning as we were heading in to work, which was a good thing because we hadn't yet determined where we would sleep tonight if we didn't get the place today :)  Yes, I'll admit we might be living a little too last-minute these days.

On another note, I haven't uploaded any pictures from my camera in weeks due to spotty internet and a lack of time between looking for housing, traveling, and starting back at work.  I definitely am going to do this soon because I know I owe a lot of people a lot of pictures - and I promise, I'm typically much better at getting them out there in a timely fashion.  Just know that I haven't forgotten.

On a similar subject, I haven't been able to upload pictures to my blog in the typical way for the last week or so and have had to use a round-about method.  It's time consuming and I'm not a fan of it.  Anyway, besides the being busy thing, that's also impacted my lack of posting recently.  I'll try to work on that too in the coming days.  


jennie said...

hey you're a fantastic poster- no apology necessary!

and congrats on finding a place, and just in the nick of time! awesome!! can't wait to see it!

Stina said...

glad you found a place...let me know the address when you get settled!

maggie said...

Congrats on finding a new home :) Hope you are able to settle in quickly -- can't wait to see it!