Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pool weather

It seems like it's been raining a lot lately and I was kind of looking forward to having this weekend indoors so we could unpack, organize, and get this place livable.  Not very unfortunately it's been super warm and sunny, and who can say no to the pool on a day like that - even if you have a ton of boring moving-related stuff to do??
The pool here is awesome - but it's pretty crowded on the weekend.  I've gone a few times after work and that tends to be quieter.  Even though students are back to school at my work, I just can't say goodbye to summer yet.  It's been a great one.  We've definitely been keeping ourselves busy.  Every box is unpacked, clothes are in the closet, dishes are in cabinets, and now we've got all the odds and ends to finish organizing. 

We're enjoying living in the new place so far.  It's a lot less complicated than the house was, but I loved the house nonetheless.  We've got a bit less space now, but we've somehow managed to fit all of our stuff inside.  I hope to post pictures of the apartment this week.  We're already looking forward to having visitors :)


jennie said...

that pool does look awesome! i want to be a visitor soon!

Dorothy said...

That pool does look wonderful - enjoy while the weather stays warm!