Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I don't play golf, but Chris really enjoys it.  I'll sometimes go along while he plays nine holes or go along to the driving range with him, but I'm not very good at playing.  I can't seem to consistently get the ball off the ground, flying straight, to go very far. 

This weekend we went to TopGolf, which is basically a fancy driving range and outdoor bar.  There's an area for swinging, and then a table and chairs where all the spectators can hang out and waiters/waitresses come take your order.  The range has these colored targets spaced out across the field at various locations and distances.  Then you drop your golf ball through a little hole that activates a chip inside it, and when you hit it, a computer next to you tracks your ball.  On the computer you can select one of several games to play - but they're all related to hitting various targets in certain orders, or just getting distance.  You can also compete against someone.

(And yes, you have to actually hit the ball with the club, I think.  We tried just throwing one to get one of our targets and the chip didn't register.) 

Anyway, one of the awesome parts of this driving range was that we were on the second deck, which means we were well above ground level!  Which also means that I didn't have to try very hard to hit the ball off the ground - it sailed through the air on its own :)  I only hit a few because I didn't want to mess with the guys' scores, but it was pretty fun.

Now enjoy this picture of me that looks like I have no arms because my swing was so awesome (hah!).

Plus, Chris' mom is fairly certain she saw Tony Romo there, which is actually possible since the Cowboys were playing the Redskins last weekend in Washington!  I saw him but couldn't confirm or deny because the only thing I know about him, sadly enough, is that he dated Jessica Simpson for a long time.  Oh well!


jennie said...

it's like golfing in a video game!

Dorothy said...

That does look like fun!

LA-jan said...

That would make it fun just to be an observer!

Patty said...

I'm so glad I got to go! And I got to see Tony Romo (I swear)!!

Stina said...

rach and joe have gone there several times...they say it's a lot of fun. we'll have to take a trip back sometime so i can see what the fuss is about!

maggie said...

this is the fun part of golf... its when you're out on a course and have to keep hitting your ball out of the weeds that made me stop taking lessons and pick up tennis :)