Wednesday, December 1, 2010


This year we decided to celebrate Advent to get into the spirit of the season.  Our church put together a few wreath starter kits for everyone a couple weeks back - all you have to do is collect your own greenery!  We thought it'd be a great excuse to take some time off every Sunday evening and have dinner together while getting ready for Christmas.

Advent started last weekend and I believe this past Sunday was the first day we've eaten at our dining room table together in this apartment!  Seems crazy, but I think it's true.

Now that it's December and freezing outside, I think I'll start feeling more festive :)


jennie said...

that wreath looks beautiful!

Stina said...

that does look so pretty! glad you're enjoying getting in the holiday spirit too!!

LA-jan said...

Really lovely wreath! That would put me in the spirit, too!

maggie said...

I thought the name "Advent" was just a Catholic thing! I love your wreath! This Sunday is my favorite one when you light the pink one - we call it Gaudete :)