Tuesday, November 30, 2010

38th Annual Turkey Bowl

One Thanksgiving tradition we continue year after year is the annual Turkey Bowl (2009, 2008).  This year, consistent with the past two years, I kicked a 15 yarder.  I really should start working on this skill year round so I can finally get a 20 yarder next year...I seem to have stagnated!  Anyway, it was a blast.  I can't remember what everyone else kicked, but Chris made 40 yards and we all got it over at least once.  My cousin Michael - the reigning champion - made it from 50 yards when they kicked out in Cali.

We kicked before dinner on Thursday in Leesburg.  I took it upon myself to climb up on some tower contraption that they record practice from to take pictures.  After that guy died at Notre Dame up on one of those things, you better believe I was careful!

It was quite gray outside compared to last Thanksgiving, and definitely cold!

After we headed over to Chris' family's house, we kicked again - this time in pitch dark!  I don't think Chris or I even got it over once this time, but all his sisters and his brother did.

Overall it was a success.  I'm looking forward to next year's competition already.  Though I'm not sure anyone will ever dethrone my cousin!


jennie said...

what an awesome tradition! those pictures from up high are really cool

Patty said...

And his Mom made it too...over the fence!!

Dorothy said...

It always such a challenge - I love it!

maggie said...

wow, this is the 38th annual! what a fantastic tradition!!