Friday, December 31, 2010

Random stuff from the week

We've been having an awesome, relaxing week and if it were up to me I'd spend all my days like this and never return to work!  Unfortunately the weekend is fast approaching.  On $2 Tuesday Chris and I finally saw The Social Network.  I thought the movie was pretty entertaining.  Facebook was launched in 2004, the year I started college, so it was interesting to watch and follow along with the company's changes as I was joining back in that time. 

Yesterday we drove down to Farmville to watch W&M play Longwood.  During halftime, Tribe Radio Network interviewed Chris to see what he's been up to since leaving our alma mater.  Since we were at the game we didn't get to hear it on the radio, but I hope someone out there did!

The girls and I spent the evening baking cupcakes for our New Year's Eve celebration tomorrow!  They've got their own plans to ring in the new year with friends, but were awesome enough to bake for our friends who are coming over tomorrow evening. 

And on that note, I can't believe another year has come to an end.  It has been an awesome year for Chris and me - lots of quality time with our families, an unattached and wonderful summer, no major trials or disasters, and so much else for which to be thankful. 

What are your New Years plans?


maggie said...

those cupcakes look awesome! can't wait to have one :) thanks girls!!!

The McPhersons said...

yummy looking cupcakes! I'm glad yall have had a relaxing time! Looking forward to seeing you guys again:)

LA-jan said...

Yum! I'm working tonight, but those look delicious!