Sunday, February 6, 2011


We are at my parents' house for the weekend celebrating birthdays and playing cards before the Super Bowl tonight. It's been nice to switch it up and play a couple four or more person games for awhile! 

Chris had us vote on various over/under questions about the game tonight so we'll see how I do on those. We are all "betting" on things like whether Christina Aguilera will be wearing a cowboy hat during the national anthem or whether Lebron or the Packers will score more first-half points today. (I chose no and Lebron - cross your fingers for me!) We've also been eating some delicious food. These are they type of things I look forward to on Super Bowl Sunday :)


LA-jan said...

Well, Christina didn't wear a cowboy hat, but I don't know how the points went! Congrats and looks like good eats!

maggie said...

that looks like some serious card playing! were there any bets on if christina would forget the words to the national anthem??

Katie said...

Haha - no, but there were bets on over/under how long the song would be, an over/under on how long she'd hold the word "Brave", and a bet on whether her hair would be any color except platinum blonde!