Friday, March 25, 2011

Cold's coming back

We have this plastic cup that changes color from a white-opaquish to blue when there's cold liquid inside it. Whenever we pour water from the fridge into this cup, it turns bright blue for a few minutes and then slowly changes back to white as the water gets back to room temperature. Chris normally has a cup of water by his bed every night and just happened to use the color-changing cup last night.

Last weekend we turned our heat off when we had beautiful spring weather and haven't turned it back on since. We got reports today that we might get snow this weekend (doubt it), but I couldn't believe it since I had worn a skirt to work earlier this week!

When I got home from work today I changed and started getting organized for the weekend before I noticed that it felt a little cold in our apartment. I figured I'd wait to turn on the heat until Chris got home since I normally exaggerate how cold it is in the house :)

Well, I didn't exaggerate. When he got home from work, the water that had been sitting in the cup for almost a full day (definitely should have been room temperature by that point), was still making the cup bright blue!
The room temperature of our house kept the water icy cold. Now we are relaxing in our re-heated apartment :)

On another note, Chris' team won the IM championship game this week - next week they play the champion from the other college in town (the one I work for). Hope they win again!


Elizabeth said...

I hope you guys get some warmer weather again soon! I used to have a spoon that changed colors with ice cream :) wish i could find more!

congrats on your win, Chris!!

jennie said...

dang your house must have been cold! yeah what's with the snow forecast?! i am doubtful as well but i guess who knows!

and congrats Chris! victory t-shirt?

maggie said...

haha i love this! we too have been turning off and on the heat for a few weeks... i'm over winter!!!