Sunday, March 27, 2011

March Madness Pool - Final 4 Update

Well, I did not see that coming.  And judging from everybody else's performances as well, neither did you.  Out of the 23 people in this year's pool, 16(!) didn't get a single Final 4 team correct.  The other 7 people successfully picked just one Final 4 team.  I don't think anything like that has ever happened before.  Only two people still have their national champion left, so congratulations to Stina and Erika for accomplishing that.  Erika, however, cannot win because Stina is ahead of her in points and they both have Connecticut winning it.  So sorry to burst your bubble Erika.  The only other person who can win the pool is Jessica, who has Kentucky reaching the championship game.  So our pool will actually be decided before the championship game even takes place.  If Connecticut beats Kentucky on Saturday, then Stina is our champion.  If Kentucky knocks off Connecticut, then Jessica is our winner.  To the rest of you who have been eliminated (myself included), better luck next year. Here are the updated standings.  An asterisk indicates that you can earn no more points.

1. Dave E. - 67* (way to go Dave!)
1. Stina C. - 67
3. Bob S. - 60*
3. Liz K. - 60*
3. Paul D. - 60*
6. Erika S. - 59
6. Jessica S. - 59
6. Lauren H. - 59*
6. Patty S. - 59*
10. Rob S. - 57*
11. Cassidy J. - 56*
11. Chris S. - 56*
13. Eric H. - 54*
14. Alex H. - 53*
15. Jennie T. - 52*
15. Jon G. - 52*
15. Katie S. - 52*
18. Ashley H. - 49*
18. Ashleigh S. - 49*
20. John & Dorothy H. - 48*
21. Ryan J. - 45*
22. Maggie M. - 44*
23. Paula D. - 39*

Enjoy the Final 4 next weekend and I'll give you the final standings after that.  Go CAA!


Elizabeth said...

what a crazy week! congrats stina and jessica (and dave)!

Aunt Paula said...

I guess I'm not getting a tribute blog post this year, for sure! Darn.

jennie said...

i just heard that of the 5 million people who filled out a bracket on, only 2 had vcu and butler in the final 4. craaaazy

maggie said...

wow! crazy tournament! congrats to either stina or jessica! and david too... how could we each pick our winners at random and i'm at the bottom of the barrel??

Patty said...

Ah, my dream of a tribute blog goes on...way to go Christina and Jessie!

Rob said...

GOOOO Kentucky! A tribute post on Jessica would be hilarious and have to be considered for blog post of the year.

Erika said...

well...i came close to the tribute blog post. i got a mention in this one ;)

Stina said...

woo! this is good news! I suppose it pays to be behind in your blog reading...I didn't have to live through the angst of wondering if I'd win this past week ;)