Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No one likes to clean

They say "cleanliness is next to godliness", but unfortunately I don't love to clean. Neither does Chris. We both do our fair share, but occasionally Chris needs a bit more prompting than I do.

I don't mind if things get a little messy, but I can't stand when things are dirty. For example, I can't stand dirty dishes left undone (even if they are in the sink), but I am okay with dishes not being put away and sitting on the counter for several days after I've already washed them. Chris is okay with them sitting out for awhile, too, since it is his job to dry them and put them away once they're clean :) Most of the time he'll do it right away, or even do it while I'm washing dishes, but sometimes they've stacked up a day or two and when I run out of room in the middle of cleaning more dishes, I've got to encourage him a bit.

Anyway, the other day Chris was getting ready for bed and he called out from the bathroom asking me if I was done in there for the evening or if I was going to go back in again that night. I told him I was done in there, but then I started wondering why he asked in the first place. So I yelled back asking why he wanted to know if I was going in there again tonight. His response? "Oh, I just wanted to know if I had to wipe down the sink or not." He got water everywhere but figured if I wasn't coming back in there he wouldn't have to clean it up because it'd be dry by morning! Ridiculous logic, if you ask me!

We are both a little lazy about cleaning sometimes but I like to think things get done even when I'm not checking up on them :)


Ashley said...

Hahaha love this story! We have totally been there :)

Elizabeth said...

haha! maybe it's a guy thing? i'm not great at the deep cleaning but will always use cleaning as an excuse not to study!

Alex Heacock said...

Chris - It's all fun and games leaving water on the sink until it leaves dried water marks, and soap scum begins to form.

maggie said...

haha, i love that he took the time to ask you if you were going to use the sink again :) i am one of those crazy people who loves to clean stuff... I'm just really bad with clutter!