Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm on a boat

The wedding we were going to was in NYC so after we left my bro's we headed into the city. We were pretty excited because the wedding was on a boat! Despite the fact that it rained most of the evening, the bride and groom were in excellent spirits and we got to enjoy awesome views of the city's skyline as we cruised down the river. It really was gorgeous whenever the rain gave us a little break!

I doubt you can tell from this picture, but the second floor of the boat had only 7-foot ceilings. This wedding was for one of Chris' basketball teammates so there were quite a few guys there with only inches to spare :)

We had an awesome time despite being soaking wet by the time the evening ended. It's a lot of fun to get together with a group of people you only get to see once a year (or less!) and we were really thankful for the opportunity to head up there this weekend.

My favorite part of being on the boat though was definitely cruising by the Statue of Liberty. When you see it from Manhattan it's wonderful, but up close in the dark with her torch and crown blazing I was just incredibly impressed. The picture really does not do it justice.
More about the weekend later!


jennie said...

sounds awesome! but where's your nautical themed pashmina afghan?

Chris said...

Well played Jenster.

maggie said...

what a beautiful wedding and a stunning view! a pretty soggy day for a wedding, but looks like you all had a great time!