Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Visiting my bro

We left a day early on our way to a wedding this weekend so we could stop in PA to visit my brother. We've only been up there once before and as that was last summer, it was about time to head up there again! We were greeted by Duncan waking up from his nap :)

Eric took us to a microbrewery near his house for dinner which had great food and beer. Definitely a place we would frequent if we lived nearby.

And he got to show us all the tricks he's been teaching Duncan since we saw him last. I don't know about you, but I don't know many cats that can perform tricks. It's pretty impressive!
(This was actually the lowest leap he made, but all the others were too dark to see!)

We had an awesome time - my brother is a great host!


jennie said...

he's so much bigger now! but still so cute!

Elizabeth said...

i'm not much of a cat person but am very impressed by these tricks! glad you got to see your brother!!

maggie said...

so i almost bought an orange kitten at a pet store tonight... but decided to wait for our landlord to approve first! haha! so glad you got to spend some quality time in the state of pa :)