Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Time flies even when you're idle

Quite unbelievably, the month (really this entire year) is flying by. The older I get, the faster time seems to go - and I'm not all that old!! Is it just me? I used to think time just flies when you're busy, but Chris and I have made it a point to stay home (or close to home) for the last month or so in anticipation of the busyness ahead. We haven't been terribly busy at all and it's still almost halfway through April. 

I have even decided to start tackling The Fountainhead - a book I was previously very intimidated by due to its reputation of being a major literary work of fiction and very long. I've read a couple chapters though and so far it's very enjoyable. 

We are also loving the change of seasons - it's not too hot yet, Chris can golf, I am able to eat lunch outside again, and the best news of this month? Our pool opened up again for the season yesterday! I'm sad we won't be in town the next few weeks to enjoy it, but I will definitely start taking advantage of it after work if it's warm enough.


LA-jan said...

What are your travel plans for the next few weeks?

Katie said...

A couple weddings, a couple graduations (both of our sisters are graduating!!) and meeting up with some family and friends that will be visiting the east coast. I am looking forward to it :)

Elizabeth said...

love this picture! it's definitely pool season in texas, so i'm trying to get my vitamin D when I can :) Hope you have fun on your upcoming trips!