Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Graduation, Lauren!

This weekend both my sister and Chris's sister graduated from college! I went up to Lauren's house on Friday to hang out and get ready for her graduation on Saturday. She looked so good getting ready to leave in the morning. The time she was in school went by so quickly; it's hard to believe she's already done!

Lauren is the last of us kids to get through school, so congratulations also to my wonderful parents who, I am sure, are relieved not to be writing tuition checks anymore ;)

Afterwards, we headed over to her house to have a little party in honor of her being done! My mom made a beautiful cake (one of her many talents) and we were able to enjoy a little more time in the house Lauren's lived in the last three years.
(Picture courtesy of my mom)

Lauren, congratulations! We are really very proud of you!!!


maggie said...

I love the purple robe -- so much nicer than ours! Looks like you had a beautiful day too -- CONGRATS LAUREN!!!!

jennie said...

congrats lauren!! the time certainly has flown by!

Patty said...

Congratulations, Lauren! Love the part about Mom and Dad being done with tuition!