Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weekend reunion

Some of our friends flew/drove into town last weekend and we were able to have an awesome get together in the DC area. All the April storms seemed to hold off and we had great weather for it. We were able to get outside and play frisbee golf at a course Chris and I had never been to before and just enjoy catching up.

It seems like every time we get together now we end up celebrating something to make up for lost time. I love that we are able to make an occasion out of the time we have together. This weekend we were celebrating a birthday and did a few wedding-related activities as the next time we get together, two of our friends will be getting hitched!

(Picture courtesy of Chris's mom!) 

Many, many thanks from all of us to family who hosted our bunch and fed us :)


jennie said...

yes THANK YOU THANK YOU to the Strattons for hosting us! your kindness and generosity are amazing and we are so blessed by you!

and to awesome friends that were there- it was sooo good to see you all! i can't wait for a more perfect union!

maggie said...

HUGE thanks to the amazing Strattons for being so generous with their home and all their hospitality. AND to all of the bridal brigade that chipped in and helped make our tasks fun and go faster! love you all!!!