Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy wedding!

We had a fantastic weekend this past week celebrating some very dear friends' marriage! We drove up to Pennsylvania on Friday morning to get the party started. Chris went golfing with one of his buddies, so the girls and I decided to embark on a little golfing trip of our own:

Of course, our golf game was mini-golf. The course was located on the Susquehanna river so when we finished up we spent the rest of the afternoon sitting by the river until the guys finished up.

Then we got into what we were really there for: the wedding! The ceremony was very beautiful and the reception took place at the National Civil War Museum, which we got to tour before the reception started. For those of you who haven't been, here is a glimpse of it...notice the similarities between Chris and Lincoln!

We had such a great time hanging out with everyone and celebrating our friends. I didn't take a ton of pictures, but here are a few for your enjoyment:

Congratulations you two!!


jennie said...

great pics and a great weekend!! congrats to maggie & dave! your wedding was wonderful!

Ashley said...

I'm shocked our eagle/hole in one pictures didn't make the cut for this post :) Such a fun weekend - we had a blast seeing everyone and celebrating with the newlyweds!

Patty said...

Chris, you look so much like Abe...
Maggie was STUNNING! Thanks for posting these pictures. It always makes me so happy to see you all together.

maggie said...

THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING!!! We loved having you all in PA for the weekend and you were such an amazing help! It was a weekend truly filled with love from all around :)