Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The beach

We spent last week at the beach with my family, extended family, and lots of friends. It was a blast, as it always is, and Chris and I had a wonderful time. The majority of my time was spent hanging out with family or on the sand and in the waves.

There was a crab feast if you're into that sort of thing...I'm not a huge fan of crabs but I love pulling them apart!

There was a guy next to us that built a couple sand creatures during the week - my favorite of which was this octopus. I wish I could take credit for it, but maybe next year.

We played some mini-golf, where everyone in our group got at least one hole-in-one (except me!!! I will practice for the next trip).

And there were also ice cream sundaes, and a lot of reading, relaxing, and game playing.

I love all our family and am so glad we got the opportunity to spend some time with them all last week! Already looking forward to next time :)


maggie said...

This looks awesome and so, so relaxing! What beach did you go to?

Katie said...

Rehoboth in Delaware - we always go there!

Whittaker Woman said...

Umm, can I become a hall next year?

Patty said...

So glad you got to go and had a wonderful time.

LA-jan said...

So glad I got to join in the fun this year! Great pictures!

jennie said...

that octopus is amazing! i will give you credit.