Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's over..!

It certainly seems silly to blog about something as random as a movie coming out, but my emotions connected to the release of the last Harry Potter movie are so complicated! To put it into perspective, I have spent approximately half my life reading, loving, and anticipating the release of these books (and to an only slightly lesser extent, the movies). Yes, I'm ridiculous.

I was introduced to them by a friend in middle school and I refused to read them until my sister was given the first book for Christmas. I read it (because I love to read and I always read the book she was given in addition to the one I got) and had to borrow the next in the series from one of her friends. After that I was hooked and my parents pre-ordered the third for us when it came out at the beginning of my 8th grade year. When these books came out, my parents had to create a schedule for reading because we all wanted the book so much. I would get it from 8a-1p, my sister from 1-6p, and my brother for the rest of the evening. Seems absurd now, but we only had one copy and I was a 13 year old that could not wait.

Anyway, I wasn't anticipating the release of this movie because it meant the end. I didn't buy tickets in advance and last night when Chris came home and suggested seeing it, I almost hoped it would already be sold out as we were walking over to the theater to buy tickets, since that would mean it wasn't quite over yet. Since we live in a small town, no such luck - we got tickets and saw the movie last night.

I really do think it's a bit crazy to get so attached to something as common as a book series, but I can't help it! These books were one of the things I looked forward to most throughout my teenage years and college. I'm glad we saw it, but I'm sorrowful that there's nothing else (related to this series) to look forward to. The anticipation's over.

On a happier note, a couple weeks ago we were visiting Chris's family and his sisters and I made Butterbeer cupcakes. They were having a Harry Potter party of their own this week since they were going to the midnight showing with their friends and were testing out the recipe. They were actually pretty good, as unappealing as they may sound :)


jennie said...

it's not strange to be that attached to them, after all they did build a theme park around it! you could visit that as your next harry potter adventure

LA-jan said...

These are books you can relive with your kids and grand-kids! Much fun in the future!

maggie said...

we fought endlessly over the books when they came out too! i love the culture of reading it created for so many youngsters and can't wait to read them w/ little emilio one day :)

Rob said...

Never seen a single Harry Potter movie. I like the idea of a true movie marathon one day, but I dont know if I could handle that much.

Stina said...

I jumped on the HP bandwagon a little later than you (my sophomore year of high school) but still remember anticipating the release of books 5-7 as well as all of the movies. I completely understand the attachment!