Friday, August 19, 2011

A couple hometown places

Last weekend we headed back up to Leesburg to celebrate my birthday with the family and just to relax for our last weekend before work and school pick up into high gear again. We usually go hike or walk somewhere in a neighboring town but this time we decided to stay in our town for the weekend. We went to Morven Park on Saturday, which was once the home (and is now the burial place) of Westmoreland Davis (a governor of VA) and a campground for confederate soldiers during the Civil War. The park has really pretty grounds with various things you can tour or just trails and paths to walk around, which is what we did.

On Sunday we had a mission to find some rocks to cover a hole in the garden where a possible groundhog is burrowing so we went to Red Rock Overlook which is where the Potomac River meets Leesburg. We found rocks and poor Chris had to carry them most of the way from the river back up the trails to the car.

It was a great weekend! Let's be honest, anything involving cake is a great weekend :)


jennie said...

ooh fancy cake. love it!

Dorothy said...

Happy Birthday sweetheart!

Elizabeth said...

beautiful pictures! glad you got to relax before school picks up!

Patty said...

Great family pictures. that cake is beautiful!