Monday, August 22, 2011

How I won an iTouch

Our apartment complex held a pool party to end the summer and welcome new residents this weekend. I went because there was free barbecue for lunch and it doesn't take much to get me to go to the pool :) While I was there, one of the women who works for the complex came around asking if we wanted to sign up to play a game and win prizes so I said sure. There were probably 50ish people who signed up so I wasn't very hopeful but since I was at the pool anyway, I figured I should give it a shot.

The first game involved getting a cookie from your forehead into your mouth without using your hands and I knew I was in trouble. I almost walked away at that point, but since I had already walked over there I figured I should at least try once...and I got it right away! So I got to move on to round two with about half the other people. The next task involved getting 6 penne noodles onto a piece of uncooked spaghetti and again, I did pretty well! I was not the first one done, but I did it fast enough to move on to round three. 

The third task involved emptying a box of tissues one at a time using only one hand. I also was not the first one done here, but finished in the top three so I got to move on again. At this point I was pretty shocked. There were only three of us left and I had made it this far so I was feeling pretty confident!

It was down to me and two other people and the last task was knocking 6 empty soda cans off a table using rubber bands. The first several rubber bands I shot went nowhere near the direction I was shooting them. The wind would take them or my aim was just off until finally I hit the cans straight on...and my rubber band just bounced off the cans and they still stood there on the table. So then I decided to start shooting five rubber bands at once and finally they started falling (when my aim was decent at least). I ended up knocking the last two off with one shot and won! 

I seriously couldn't believe that I beat everyone there that played! Anyway, I got to pick my prize from a table of prizes and I got an iTouch! Other choices were an Xbox (we don't play video games) and gift cards to various places in town. It was a good day at the pool :)
(All pictures courtesy of our apartment complex)


Ashley said...

Hahaha I laughed out loud reading this post and picturing you doing all of these activities...additions to the BOG someday? Anyways, I'm totally impressed - way to go!

Elizabeth said...

nice work, katie!! i'm very proud of your game skills, as usual :)

jennie said...

wow job well done! you are an excellent game master. and what a sweet prize!

Dorothy said...

What a fun competition! I am sure you had a blast and are enjoying the iTouch too! Congratulations!

Patty said...

Lucky Dawg, an i-touch! Congrats on your great win!