Friday, September 16, 2011

The Benefits of Coaching....Wait, what?

So yesterday at work a UPS box came for me, which seemed a little strange since I couldn't recall ordering anything.  It was made out to "Chris Stratton, Men's Basketball Coach," so clearly these people hadn't done their research.  If they had, it would have read: "Chris Stratton, Real American Hero," or "Chris Stratton, Fantasy Football Expert."  Naturally curious as to the contents of the package, I opened up that bad boy and this is what I pulled out:

If you can't see what this is (took the picture with my phone so it's not great), it is a portable cooler advertising a product call Rockin' Refuel, which is a post-workout protein shake.  There was a letter attached talking about the benefits their product could offer to my team, and when I opened the cooler, there were free samples:
If you look you can even see the freezer gel packs that are in there, and they worked because the stuff was still cold.  I tried one of the chocolate ones yesterday afternoon (although not post-workout.  unless you guys count managing my fantasy football roster a workout?  It was pretty strenuous you guys....).  I've got to say it was quite good, and I definitely think my protein levels went up.  I think I could really enjoy being a fake coach, and I hope more people send me free samples of stuff that I can recommend to my hypothetical sports teams.  I'm looking at you Chipotle.


jennie said...

oh my gosh this post is hilarious. please use that cooler as a giant lunch box

Ashley said...

Hahaha hilarious. Now my question is, where is all of Alex's free stuff??

Katie said...

I'm looking at Chipotle, too... that would be awesome!